LASER Therapy is also known as photobiomodulation. It entails the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near infrared) to generate a photochemical response in damaged or dysfunctional tissue.

The LASER works by creating an increase of vasodilatation (blood supply), bringing in oxygen to the cells. It stimulates the lymphatic system, pulling edema and inflammation from the area. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production is stimulated in the cells helping them have the energy to function normally. The pain reflex is broken, offering immediate relief of pain.



PRANA PHYSIOTHERAPY is an outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation center which is committed to providing the highest quality physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy for our patients. OUR CORE VALUES are integrity of care and providing value based services. Our services are not only based on gadgets or passive treatment but our therapists utilize their clinical manual skills. Call our hotline (604) 265-9730 for more information.

Our Mission:

Our therapists are committed to provide the best evidence based treatment to all our clients. In short term we focus on alleviating your pain and inflammation of our clients. In long term, we focus that all our clients regain their strength, mobility, range of motion and live their lives to their fullest potential comfortable live.


I can't compare to anywhere else but I think that Prana Physiotherapy is a good place to go. Always pleasant the people there. I do physio and see chiropractor and both of them are good. I definately feel a lot better than I did when I started

Carrie Ann Richardson

Prana is very professional with becomes on work ethics. Very nice and approachable staff especially ajit the owner. They will really take care of you till the end. Thanks prana physiotherapy

Dave Blanco

I came into Prana Physiotherapy after being rear ended and injuring my back. The staff at Prana were welcoming and explained the treatments throughly. Not only are they patient and accommodating, they work with your schedule to meet your individual needs. I would definitely recommend others to come here as the service was exceptional. The receptionist is also great, easy to talk to.

Fairy B


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